33 Ways To Stay Golden This Spring

1. Give balloons a little extra pop and jazz up any gathering.

2. Want to add a little glitz to your space without spending a fortune? Make your own paper garlands to transform any room.

3. Or hang up a dainty tassel garland.

4. These gold serpent heels are perfect for the adventurous.

5. Easily transform a plain sweatshirt into a sassy statement piece.

6. Take an old frame and create a pin board.

7. Make your own wall hooks by repurposing old items or with paper mache.

8. Fight writers’ block with decorative pencils.

9. Add a little flair to any table by making your own wooden coasters.

10. Brighten up a room by customizing a lamp shade.

11. If you’re a little daring and know how to sew, make your own envelope clutch.

12. Wear the most purrr-fect headband and give Taylor Swift a run for her money.


13. Turn any pair of sunglasses into major fashion statements.

14. Check yourself out in a beautifully gilded mirror.

15. Send the sweetest embossed cards to your friends.

You can get the heat gun here.

16. Make a simple upgrade to any dresser for a big impact.

17. Punk up a pair of kicks for a fresh new look.

18. Buzz around with these darling bobby pins.

19. Add a touch of gold to any outfit with a simple gold metal belt.

21. These gold embellished bowls are the perfect way to lighten up a room.

22. Revamp any outfit by throwing on a fun necklace.

23. Add a little glamour to your sofa with these fun sequin pillows.

24. Stay inspired with these cute notebooks.

25. Delicate yet edgy, these gold leather bracelets are perfect for day and night.

26. Add a little pizazz to your bookshelf with these simple gold animal decorations.

27. Transform an old shirt by adding gold accents.

28. Update your desk space with this cute polka dot mousepad.

29. This glittery vase is perfect for showcasing spring flowers.

30. Save money on art by making your own gold leaf masterpiece.

31. Get twiggy with it and make a perfect candle holder.

32. Dip your feathers in gold paint for precious accents around the home.

33. Give your morning cup of joe a jolt with these adorable (and easy-to-make!) mugs.

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